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Ballistic Doors are an essential part of any high security installation for the protection of people, property or assets.  Architectural Armour design and manufacture, within the UK, a range of fully tested and certified ballistic security doors to offer protection from 9mm handguns up to 7.62mm armour piercing rounds.  Our Bullet Resistant/Ballistic doors are available in timber, steel or glazed designs.  All can be manufactured to comply with either European EN 1522 and or American NIJ 0108.01 test standards. 

            Ballistic Glass Gates


Bespoke Manufactured

Very few doors have the  same size, hanging and locking requirements, in over 30 years of manufacture we seldom have the luxury of making the same door twice.  Typically the steel and glazed doors are drawn and 3D modelled in Solidworks so that the component materials can be laser cut and folded on the CNC machines before fabrication, welding, fettling, phoswash, powder coating then assembly and testing.

      EN 1522 FB6 Half Glazed BR6 Door     EN 1522 FB6 Half Glazed Door EN 1063 BR6 Half Glazed Door

Timber Doors 

Bullet resistant doors do not have to be steel or industrial looking, by positioning the armour either side of a timber core then facing with either a paint or veneer then lipping we can achieve almost any desired design.  In London we are often asked to match existing door designs in bullet resistant versions, with raised and fielded panels and other historical details. We offer Ballistic Timber Finish Doors in the following EN 1522/3 specifications;

EN 1522 FB2                  9mm Luger

EN1522 FB3               .357 Magnum 

EN1522 FB4                 .44 Magnum    

EN1522 FB5   5.56 x 45mm Rifle

EN1522 FB6    7.62 x 51mm Rifle        7.62  (308 Winchester) Rifle    

EN1522 FB7   7.62 x 51mm Rifle AP

FSG   12/70 Solid Slug 

Please click through for data sheets and more.

   Bulletproof timber door ballistic timber door ballistic timber door

Heritage Doors

Architectural Armour are also able to offer Classic Heritage Doors, manufactured from timber with a traditional, aesthetic design whilst still providing the addedd level of security.  With doors available in EN1522/3 FB2, EN1522/3 FB4 and EN1522/3 FB6 we are able to accommodate a number of specifications when considering locks and standard of resistance.  Contact us to find out more, or click through to the relevant standard for more information.

    heritage ballistic door          ballistic heritage door

Glazed Doors

Half glazed or fully glazed, single double or leaf and a half  we can manufacture bullet resistant doors to meet your needs from EN1522 FB2 with EN 1063 BR2 glass to stop 9mm handgun rounds to EN1522/3 FB6 glazed with EN1063 BR6 to stop NATO rifle rounds.

Standard specifications may look something like this:

Description: Glazed doors; half glazed or fully glazed EN1522/3 FB4

System Performance:

Frame: Bullet Resistant to EN1522/3 FB4

Glazing: Bullet Resistant to EN1063 BR4

Profile System: Jansen Steel Economy 60

System Manufacturer: Architectural Armour


Type: Single or Double Leaf

Locking: Manual or Access Control options available

Finish: Polyester Powder Coated to Standard RAL Colour.

   bulletproof glazed door Ballistic glazed double door   Bulletproof doorset   

Steel Doors 

Steel Ballistic doors are more durable and can perform better than glass or timber in hostile environments.  Available to meet both handgun and rifle specifications Architectural Armour utilise the latest manufacturing techniques, after 3D modelling we laser cut components, fold and shape them on CNC presses to achieve greater accuracy to ensure all components fit together for the welders to join them together.  With the choice to site the ballistic steel within the door skins the in house powder coating facility can produce a great finish to each door set.  We offer Ballistic Steel  Doors in the below  EN 1522/3 specification.

Please click through for more information and data sheets. 

EN 1522 FB2                 9mm Luger 

 EN1522 FB3,                   .357 Magnum 

EN1522 FB4                   .44 Magnum    

EN1522 FB5,   5.56 x 45mm Rifle

EN1522 FB6   7.62 x 51mm Rifle        7.62  (308 Winchester) Rifle    

 EN1522 FB7   7.62 x 51mm Rifle AP

 EN1522 FSG   12/70 Solid Slug 

     Bullet Proof door Factory      Ballistic Double Doors      Steel Bulletproof door SACHEL AFRICA


EN 1522/3 certified doors are tested with basic panel shots and require additional multiple shots to hinges, frame, rebates and cylinders.  As seen from the image over 20 shots are administered to the frames to ensure it achieves the ballistic criteria.  Whilst our doors are not UL 752 listed, many have been tested in the UK to meet the ballistic requirements of the standard.  Within the testing parameters we include shots from 7.62 x 39mm AK47 rounds due to their worldwide proliferation. 

          Ballistic Glazed Door Test FB5 FB6       Test FB5 FB6 AK47


Export Crating

Every year a large number of our doors are shipped or air freighted worldwide for either our customers or for our operatives to install.  By carefully wrapping and individually crating each door these heavy doorstep arrived site in the same condition they left the factory.  Our security doors have been freighted to Europe, Africa, America, Middle East and Asia.

           Ballistic Doors Dhaka Bangladesh       Bulletproof Doors Export


Bullet Resistant Vision Panels

 Ballistic Vision-Panels

Where there is a need to have clear vision through the door we can supply bullet resistant Vision Panels to match the ballistic integrity of the door, any size of configuration is possible, here we show the most popular designs.

For doors that still require one way vision we have our Bullet Resistant Door Viewer, which has been independently tested and certified to be compatible with:

EN 1063 BR3 to BR7 and NIJ 0108.01 II, NIJ 0108.1 III and IIIA.




Ballistic Door & Lock Configurations

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-15-48-20Ballistic door sets are available in a range of sizes and locking options, from single doors with either integral or surface mounted locks to leaf and a half to double leaf doorsets, with or without vision panels.

As an independent door manufacturer we are able to source the best access controlled locking or panic exit devices to meet your specific requirements.

Contact Team on +44(0) 1981 257000 or mailto:info@archtecturalarmour.com


Architectural Armour offer a range of bullet resistant products to different standards, please click the relevant link below to find out more;  

Other Security Doors

Blast Resistant Doors                                     Steel manufactured doors offering blast protection to buildings

Attack/Intruder Resistant Doors              LPS1175 rated doors for multi-purposes.  Manufactured bespoke to customers requirements.

Security Fire Doors                                          A combination of fire protection and security rated doors made to measure.

Bullet Resistant Door Viewer                     A full range of bulletproof / Resistant Door Viewers / Peepholes / Spyholes BR4 to BR6

Bullet Resistant/Ballistic Products

Stock items 

Bullet Boards                                                                  A selection of ballistic grade walling sheets  

Bullet Resistant Transaction Window              Exterior / Interior Bullet Resistant Window with Electronic Speech , Ticket Window

Night Pay Window / Hatch                                     A flat fronted Transaction Window with opening drawer, typically uses Petrol Stations and Pharmacies       

BR6  Guard House Transaction Window        Flat fronted Ballistic Window with opening drawer for document transfer. 

All of the above can also be manufactured in bespoke sizes.

Bespoke Bullet Resistant/Ballistic Products

Ballistic and Blast Guard Houses                       Modular New Build or Upgrading existing. EN1522/3 FB2 to FB7 , NIJ 0108.01 LII to IV UL 752

Armoured Shipping  Containers                         Converted & Armoured New Containers to provide ballistic refuge in case of attack

Panic Rooms                                                                  Modular or Certified wall, Window and Doors

Security Counters and Screens                           Physical, Ballistic or Blast Resistant Counters for any application to keep staff secure

Ballistic Vents/Louvres                                            Bespoke products designed to allow passage of air whilst offering bullet and blast protection

Armoured Steel                                                            Ballistic grade steel for incorporation into walls and other security product


Ballistic Technical Specifications

EN1063               Glass in Building - Security Glazing - Testing and Classification of Resistance Against Bullet Attack

UL752                   Standard for Bullet-Resisting Equipment

BS5051                Bullet-resistant glazing - Part 1:  for interior use- Part 2: for Exterior use

NIJ 0108.01      US National Institute of Justice Standard-Test and Certification for Ballistic Resistant Materials

EN1522/3          Windows, doors, shutters and blinds - Bullet resistance - Requirements and classification /Test method

Latest News

Split Height Transaction Window Duo 

Using experience on previous projects and customers requirements we have designed a split height transaction window offering standing and DDA access to reception and data centre environments.

2 Position Screen


For more information and pricing please contact our office on info@architecturalarmour.com or +44(0)1981 257000



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Increased Stock for Express Delivery

We have increased our range of stock transaction windows to six units , ready for express dispatch.

Our range of transaction windows include, physical attack resistant and bullet resistant internal and external models. Please see below an outline of our products.

Architectural Armour are offering standard stock items and bespoke orders to suit.  Please contact us on +44(0) 1981 257000 



Stock Transaction Windows













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