Bullet Resistant Proofexplosion resistant proof ratedGuard House Transaction Window


Architectural Armour manufacture and stock two types of Guard House Transaction Window which are both constructed of ballistic steel to withstand hostile environments.  One unit incorporates natural speech transfer, an advantage in areas where maintenance is an issue.  The other option allows for electronic speech transfer.


The guard house transaction windows are typically used in gate and guard houses where there is a need to transact with visitors whilst maintaining bullet resistance. 

Dimensions                      1300mm high x 1260mm - Inclusive of flanges.  Bespoke sizes to Order

Glazing                                 EN 1063 BR6  

Construction                    Armoured Steel Polyester Powder Coated Standard RAL - Customers Choice

Communication              Electronic speech transfer.

EN1522/3 FB6 Guard House Transaction WindowFB6 Guard House Window

This unit incorporates a front opening drawer that is operated from the staff side.  

Interior dimensions approx 342mm x 455/255mm x 97mm (W x D x H).  

The drawer is manufactured from steel with EN1522/3 FB6 certified armoured inserts.  Polyester Powder Coated outder casing with stainless steel interior drawer insert.


Guard House Transaction Window DrawerGuard House Transaction Window FB6 Drawer

The screen portion of this unit is approx 1200mm x 1000mm allowing for EN1063 BR6 Glazing and EN1522/3 FB6 Frames.  The images show a blue frame.  The units will be primed for final RAL colour to be confirmed upon placement of order.  Finish PPC Standard RAL.

Clear vision 1016mm x 816mm

Guard House Transaction Window FB6 BR6EN1522/3 FB6 Guardhouse Transaction Window

Guard House Window Section ExampleGuardhouse Serving Window Bullet Resistant




The guard house transaction window is typically used in gate and guard houses where there is a need to transact with visitors whilst maintaining bullet resistance. 

Dimensions                       800mm  wide x 1070mm high    Bespoke sizes to Order

Glazing                                 EN 1063 BR6  

Construction                    Armoured Steel Polyester Powder Coated

Communication              Natural speech transfer.

The pass through drawer is operated on the  staff side only and is lined with a stainless steel tray for easy transfer of objects & documents.  The drawer finishes flush with the external facade, giving it a flat profile which no one can sit or stand on and allows it to be situated in passage way situations.

Guard House Transaction Windows are normally available from stock in the below size, historically we have manufactured others at bespoke sizes, typically combined with additional fixed ballistic windows to fit out the whole guard house.  Glazing in stock units is EN 1063 BR6 , NIJ 0108.01 and UL 752 options are available.

For more information on ballistic glass visit or  bullet resistant glass page. In addition to ballistic resistant, guard house windows can be manufactured to offer blast resistance, typical standards are C15 which is designed to resist 100kg of TNT at 15 meters.

For additional information visit our guard house page.

             Secure Guard House Transation Window




         FB6 BR6 guard house transaction window

 FB6 BR6 Guard House Transaction Window Dimensions


BR/FB6 attack face guard house transaction window  .jpeg   Secure side of BR6 FB6 bullet resistant guard house transaction window  FB6 BR6 bullet resistant guard house transaction window 



Bespoke Manufactured


      oversize FB6 BR6 bullet resistant guard house transaction window with Drawer.jpeg           FB6 BR6 Security Windows Africa .jpeg



Other Transaction Windows in Stock

Bullet Resistant Transaction Window                    Exterior / Interior Bullet Resistant Window with Electronic Speech , Ticket Window

Night Pay Window / Hatch                                           A flat fronted Transaction Window with opening drawer, typically uses Petrol Stations and Pharmacies 

Attack Resistant Transaction Windows                 2 types of versatile Physical Attack Ticket / Cashiers Window with Natural Speech Path for internal use

All of the above can also be manufactured in bespoke sizes.

Other Bullet Resistant Products

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Security Counters and Screens                     Physical, Ballistic or Blast Resistant Counters for any application to keep staff secure


Other Ballistic Technical Specifications

EN 1063               Glass in Building - Security Glazing - Testing and Classification of Resistance Against Bullet Attack

UL 752                   Standard for Bullet-Resisting Equipment

BS 5051                Bullet-resistant glazing - Part 1:  for interior use- Part 2: for Exterior use

NIJ 0108.01      US National Institute of Justice Standard-Test and Certification for Ballistic Resistant Materials

EN 1522/3          Windows, doors, shutters and blinds - Bullet resistance - Requirements and classification /Test method

Latest News

Split Height Transaction Window Duo 

Using experience on previous projects and customers requirements we have designed a split height transaction window offering standing and DDA access to reception and data centre environments.

2 Position Screen


For more information and pricing please contact our office on info@architecturalarmour.com or +44(0)1981 257000



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Increased Stock for Express Delivery

We have increased our range of stock transaction windows to six units , ready for express dispatch.

Our range of transaction windows include, physical attack resistant and bullet resistant internal and external models. Please see below an outline of our products.

Architectural Armour are offering standard stock items and bespoke orders to suit.  Please contact us on +44(0) 1981 257000 



Stock Transaction Windows













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