Architectural Armour have recently been involved with the design and manufacture of a Research Test Cell in the UK.

Test Cells are defined as the equipment in which performance checks are conducted after maintenance of a product.  The test cells enable the products operating condition to be checked safely, ensuring the protection of people and persons in the vicinity.

Typically test cells are for research and development applications, where risk of explosion or projectiles moving at speed are present.  

Within the structure of the Test Cell Architectural Armour provided multiple doors and windows to the customers specific blast specification.  These were built bespoke in our factory and installed on site.  Below you can see an image of the door in manufacture and then finished, on site.

Typically these doors will be finished in polyester powder coat, available in Standard RAL Colours, confirmed by customer during the order process.

For more information or to enquire about these doors, please contact us on 01981 257000 or mailto:info@architecturalarmour.com 

blast test cell door

test cell door


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