Night Pay Window / Hatch 

Architectural Armour manufacture and stock a night pay hatch for customers who wish to trade out of normal hours or in non secure environments.  The Night Pay Window, like the Bullet Resistant Transaction Window (BSW) it is constructed of stainless steel and incorporates electronic speech transfer, however the NPWs’ external window and drawer finish flush with the external facade, meaning it is not possible to reach through the drawer when opened. 

Dimensions                       700mm  wide x 1180mm high x 501mm deep 

Glazing                                 EN 1063 BR4 / SG1 No Spall or EN356 P6B Manual Attack (subject to availability/stock)

Construction                    Satin Polished  Stainless Steel

Communication              Electronic speech transfer 

Clear Pass Through       415mm wide x 155mm high x 250mm deep

The night pay window is typically used in petrol stations, pharmacies and out of hours/lone work stations.  

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      Night Pay Window   




      Night Pay Window

                        night pay window drawer customer side, lone worker protection  Night Pay Window Drawer Secure Staff Side, lone worker protection 



Other Transaction Windows available are

Bullet Resistant Transaction Window                Exterior/Interior Bullet Resistant Window with Electronic Speech, Ticket Window

Attack Resistant Transaction Windows                 2 types of versatile Physical Attack Ticket / Cashiers Window with Natural Speech Path for internal use

BR6 Guard House Transaction Window           BR6 flat fronted Ballistic Window with opening drawer for document transfer.   

Other Bullet Resistant/Ballistic Products

Bullet Resistant Glass                                               Bulletpproof / Resistant Armoured glass to resist from handguns to rifles 

Ballistic and Blast Guard Houses                       Modular New Build or Upgrading existing. EN1522/3 FB2 to FB7 , NIJ 0108.01 LII to IV UL 752

Armoured Shipping  Containers                         Converted & Armoured New Containers to provide ballistic refuge in case of attack 

Panic Rooms                                                                  Modular or Certified wall, Window and Doors 

Security Counters and Screens                           Physical, Ballistic or Blast Resistant Counters for any application to keep staff secure

Bullet Boards                                                                 A selection of ballistic grade walling sheets  

Ballistic Vents/Louvres                                            Bespoke products designed to allow passage of air whilst offering bullet and blast protection

Armoured Steel                                                            Ballistic grade steel for incorporation into walls and other security products 

Bullet Resistant Windows                                      A range of ballistic rated windows manufactured to quality standard ISO 9001.

Bullet Resistant Doors                                             A range of fully tested and certified ballistic single and double doors. 

Bullet Resistant Door Viewer                              A full range of bulletproof / Resistant Door Viewers / Peepholes / Spyholes BR4 to BR6

Ballistic Technical Specifications

EN 1063               Glass in Building - Security Glazing - Testing and Classification of Resistance Against Bullet Attack

UL 752                   Standard for Bullet-Resisting Equipment

BS 5051                Bullet-resistant glazing - Part 1:  for interior use- Part 2: for Exterior use

NIJ 0108.01      US National Institute of Justice Standard-Test and Certification for Ballistic Resistant Materials

EN 1522/3          Windows, doors, shutters and blinds - Bullet resistance - Requirements and classification /Test method





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